Thursday, 19 May 2016

My term 2 goals

                              This is my term 2 goals


  1. Hey Julianne, It's Alex! I also commented on your profile, although I am not sure if I was supposed to, I just found that we related quite a lot! Your goal to use your manners is a good one as it is so important to have manners because they can get you far in life... for example, they could get you to the nursing job you want! Your reading goal to sound the word out if you don't know it is also a great idea as it does truly help you to extend your word vocabulary while also being able to understand and enjoy the book more. For me, maths is a tough subject, so I also have the goal of working to solve the problem out! Calculators are everywhere now, but maths is such a good subject as it really keeps your brain fit and onto it and helps when math is applied to every day life.
    I hope you can achieve these goals this term! Just believe in yourself and in what you can be capable of.

    1. Hi Alex, how are you? Thank you for commenting on my blog.
      I am trying to be better then before but I had trouble listening when we were playing the recorder earlier this afternoon. I will try harder to achieve my goals again tomorrow.

  2. Mālō e lelei, Julianne! You do a fantastic job of running very fast at fitness and at sport. Nearly time for cross-country again!