Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Parent visit

When Mrs Vickers called out that there was a visitor coming, I was worried that my mum won’t come. I was afraid that I will be the only one. I was scared that people will say to me where is your mum? When the visitor was standing outside, my teacher saw and went to open the door. I was so happy it was my mum. When my mum came in I said thank you for coming. I introduced her to Yayleen and Mrs Grant. I showed my mum my screencastify, the class blog, my blog, the form and my writing. It was good having visitors in room 10. My mum said what is next? I said you still have to wait for my teacher. My mum had to go. I said but I still need to show you more. She said wait until we get home and you can show me everything. I showed her my art. She said it is stunning. I said you want to look at my video? She said yes. When my mum went home, I said to my nana do you want to see my blog? She said yes. I showed her and she said that is good.


  1. kia ora Julianne, I like how you said that also what a nice picture

  2. Kia ora Julianne,

    My name is Rachel and I am running the Winter Learning Journey programme this holiday. We are having a great time blogging and I really hope that you will consider joining us. It's really easy and fun :)

    To join, all you have to do is log onto the Winter Learning website, click on the "Weekly Activities" tab, scroll down and choose an activity that interests you. You then blog about it on your blog site and I will read it, comment and give you points. You'll earn a certificate and a badge and, if you one of the 'Top 3 bloggers' you will also earn a great prize at the end of the holiday!

    I'll check back in a couple of days to see if you've chosen to take up the challenge and join the Winter Learning Journey programme.

    Hope to see you online this holiday :)

    Cheers, Rachel

  3. Hi Julianne, Wow! what an amazing day for you Julianne and I think your mum and nana is so proud of you for working so hard on all that work. Keep up the good work.