Monday, 4 December 2017

👍Receiving Our Patrol Certificate's 👍

On Tuesday afternoon we received our patrol certificates from Mrs Vickers and Constable Teina. We are all proud of ourselves this year because we have become better then before.☺

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Athletics Interschool

Yesterday morning we went to the inter-school athletics. First runners were 400m and I was in it, we had to run around the track 1 time and end where we started. I came 6th and I was so puffed and proud of myself. Then we had to wait till all the other runners had finished their race. It was finally time for my last race which was 200m, I came 3rd and I was so happy. Then one of the teachers there said it was good seeing you run fast in your races. 👍 

Monday, 27 November 2017


In the morning after fitness Mr Reid was handing out the Athletics certificate's. I received a certificate because I came first place in the 200 and 400 meter. I was so proud of myself because I achieved my goals for coming first out of the year 7's . Other students had two or more certificate's and others had one.  

Friday, 24 November 2017

School Athletics

On Tuesday afternoon we had our school athletics and it was amazing. First I ran on 400m  and what you had to do was run around the field two times and I came 1st place. After we did our 400m race it was time for the juniors to do their 75m race first it began with room one and it went all the way to room 7. Then it was time for us to run the  100m but i didn't do well on that race. Next we did our 200m race and I came 1st place again I was proud of myself even if I didn't do well in one of my races. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2017

On a Wednesday afternoon it was time to reveal the Year 8's Manaiakalani film on a very big screen. The Year 8's movie was about how to be a good role model, respecting the referee and trying your best. Vaimoana and Meafou was representing Room 12's film.

Friday, 3 November 2017


On Tuesday after school we went to a Halloween party at my cousin's friend's house. There was a lot of activities, there was one where you had to put your hand in some green slime and find the 3 spiders. The second activity was decorating cookies with orange, purple, and green icings. The next activity you had throw the ball and if you knock out all the cones you get a treat that was the end of the party.  


Yesterday morning we went on a bus to Tamaki Collage for Tech.  We had to design our own take away box but first we had to think of a name to call our little project I called my project TASTY🍲. When I finished thinking of a name I decided to draw my meals for my desserts I had a lemon and lime ice cream and a cup cake🥘. For my food I did not get time to do it but my decision was to draw a burger and fries then it got to that time where we had to pack up

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The beginning of term 4

Image result for back to school postOn the first day back at school I wasn't here but I came to school on Tuesday and it was amazing especially to see my friends. Then it was time to get back on track, In the morning. We had fitness and it was changed to dance. After we finished our fitness we got ready for some grammar and I was excited.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

How We Made Our Spinning Wheel

On Monday morning we made our self's a spinning wheel. First we had to draw 3 circles and then color them in. After we had to color them in we had to get a pair of scissors to cut out the circles and then we have to go down to the floor and get a nail and poke dots on both sides. After you poke your dots you will have to get a string and it will have to be a meter long. Next you will have to put in the strings you put it inside the holes you poked and your done. After your done then you can spin your wheel.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Our Duffy Assembly

Image result for michel mulipola comic books
On Tuesday morning we had a Duffy role model and his name was Michel Mulipola he was a famous wrestler  and he created a lot of comic books. He was showing us all his pictures on his comic books on the projector there was a lot of really cool pictures. Then Michel Mulipola turned the other way for a second then when he turned back he had a mask kind of shaped as a tiger then we had to stand up and leave the assembly room because we had to go to orienteering but when we got to class we waited a little for Mr Leon so we were reading Michel Mulipola's school journal book.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Syndicate Assembly

On a Monday afternoon we had our syndicate assembly that we put together. We first welcomed everyone to our assembly and then we sang a lovely song called 'Cheap Thrills' by Sia. After we finished singing we had a game of Family Feud, we had one contestant from each of the classes to answer questions. Then when we finished playing our game it was time to give out our certificates to the most hard working students in each class. From Room 12 the year 8 was Isabell and the year 7 was Mary. Saluselo then leaded the special clap for the seniors. We finished off with a song called 'Lean On Me' By Bill Withers.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

What we did at tech

Today was our first day with Mr Pineda but sadly he did't make it so we had Miss Kasipale for an hour, Then she left so we had another reliever and his name was Mr Stagg then we had to carry on with our work. What we had to do was write our names in funny fonts and they won't allowed to be the same it was meant to be our first and last name. Then when we finish writing our first and last names we have to colour it in it took me 10 minutes to colour mine in cause my name is pretty long. Then when we were all finish we had to clean all the mess around us and not long ago Mr Reid came to pick us up so we can go back to school we have had a great day at tech.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Making Banana Muffins

At Tamaki Collage we made some banana muffins with Mrs Tuipulotu. First we had to get into two groups and then put on our apron. What we had to do first was get out our bowl then put in 1 cup of flower and 1 and a half cup of milk. Then when we get back to our table we had to pour in our ingredient into the bowl then get 2 banana's and cut it up and throw it into the bowl. We mixed and mixed until our ingredient has soften up, if it did not go soft we had to go to Mrs Tuipolotu to get some sugar. After we had mixed our ingredient we had to get out our muffin trays. Mrs Tuipulotu handed out some muffin cups around the class.We placed the muffin cups nicely into the trays. It was finally time to pour our mixture in to the muffin cups. We then poWhile waiting for the muffins to cook we had to make sure that our table was clean and that our dishes were clean. When our muffins were cooked we got them out of the oven and me and  Solomone tasted it was yummy. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

We Went Viral!!

Today at our assembly every class performed an item about the pacific islands. Room 1 performed a Samoan Sasa and Room 5 sang a lovely Samoan song called 'Le Aute'. After that it was time for Room 6 to perform their item, I really liked room 6's performance because they performed a Samoan and Tongan item. Then it was finally our turn, we performed a song called 'How Far I'll Go' by Auli'i Cravalho and we were AWESOME!!!!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Room 9 syndicate assembly

On Monday afternoon we set off to the multipurpose room for room 9's syndicate assembly which we started  with a song called The Best Day Of My Life by American Authors. The song was about life in general. 
After we sang that lovely song we had two contestants from each. room for the cup stacking competition From room 9 was Kate and Madison and from 10 was Malia and Liza I really wasn't that interested but I probably would have been if I have been a contestant. When the competition was concluded I hoped there would be another competition.
 Finally we gave the teachers some time to present their award for the most diligent student in their class. For room 9 it was Jacob and Musika and from room 10 was Peni and Stristin and luckily last was room 12 and it was Pupuke and Vaimoana.
 I have been coming to syndicate assembly for 3 years and I think it is worth while and it is a good idea to continue with these assemblies in the future.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

How far i'll go

Yesterday morning straight after fitness we had to practise our Moana song which is called How Far I'll Go. First we had to start of by singing together. Then we had to sing girls only but we were pathetic so the boys sang and their voices were a slightley better than the girls. We were practising because there will be different parents who will come and hear our lovely voices. After 1 week the girls finally improved their singing. But this time the whole class had to sing without referring to the lyrics and we are getting there.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

What I Made At Tech

At Tamaki Collage for tech we made some delicious chocolate chip muffins. My partner was Vika first we had to listen to Mrs Tuipolotu for the instructions. Vika did the wet ingredient and i did the dry ingredient for the wet ingredient Vika had to do 1 and a half of milk and 1 and a half of oil and also 1 and a half of sugar then she had to get 1 egg and crack it into a bowl. When i did the dry ingredient fist i needed 1 cup of baking powder and 1 and a half of coco then we had to tip it into a another bowl then we had to get the whisk out of the drawer and whisk the baking powder and the coco. We had to mix till the baking powder and the coco has been nice and smooth and after that we had to tip the wet ingredient into the dry ingredient and carry on mixing with the whisk. Then we had to get the muffin tray out and get a spoon and scoop some of the dry and wet ingredient into our muffin tray but first we had to put a muffin cup into the muffin tray and then we put the wet and dry ingredient in the muffin tray then we put it into the oven for about 20 or 30 minuets. While Vika and i was waiting we had to clean our dishes and our table Vika cleaned the dishes and i cleaned the table when i finished cleaning the table i went to Vika and dried the dishes when she finished. When me and Vika finish cleaning we went over to our friends and had a conversation while waiting for our chocolate chip muffins. When our muffins were ready we got them out of the oven and did not look good but we still ate them and they were still delicious me and Vika was happy at our self.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


On Tuesday afternoon we did some skipping on the court first we had to do a warm up. Our warm up was front wards normal skipping up to 10 and backwards skipping side to side 10 times. The thing I needed to practice was backwards skipping side to side 10 times. Then we had to go into a groups then figure out what we will be doing on our display, in my group was Katrina, Mary, Izabella and Pupuke. What we wanted to do was double skipping really fast but we could not do that because Katrina could not do that but that was alright. So we decided what to do we all wanted to do criss cross and it worked next we were called back by our teacher. Mr Reid wanted us to do a competition who can skip the longest. Then when we stop he will tell us how long we skip when I stop my time was 1 minute and 50 seconds and I was happy for myself. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Fonterra Milk

Everyday except Friday we have Fonterra Milk that is provided to Ruapotaka School. I like drinking milk because it helps with my health and helps my muscles to grow. To me Fonterra Milk is very important to me because it doesn't only help me it helps me and my family members to be HEALTHY and strong.

What I Made At Tech

At Mr Grundy's wood work Room we made things that involved using wood. I made  a money box. Before we made our things Mr Grundy talked to us about his rules, one of his rules was to stay put. Before I made my money box with wood firstly we had to design what is it going to look like and what is it use for. First Mr Grundy give's me a long piece of wood that we have to mark the measurements for the joint. After we mark the joint I had to go and get a saw.  We had to cut halfway on each line. Then I had to go and get a chisel to cut up hill so we can make a joint. After I did all those steps I didn't know what to do. We had to put your name up on the board if you needed help from Mr Grundy. He'll call your name out so I waited  for my name to be called out. After that he called my name and said, "Write down what your money box is all about". I finally finished it off. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Teen seriously injured after being hit by bus

There was A 19 year old girl  that got hit by a bus in Hamilton. Emergency services were called to Te Rapa straight near the Sunshine Avenue at about 1.20 pm on Saturday. A man that suffer in injuries was taken to Waikato hospital. The cause of the accident was because the 19 year old was walking on the same side as traffic heeding North. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Community supports family of A girl killed by rubbish truck

On Tuesday afternoon A six year old Carla Neems was walking home from school and when she was struck by the vehicle on Russel St in Whataupoko. Carla's friends wants to show to Carla's parents that they love her but they did not know how and what to do. On Friday morning a lot of people almost $12,000 had been donated to Carla's family and thousands of messages has been posted up on line. The police has been supporting Carla's family by helping them and coming to the family service.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Fatal crash in Hawke's Bay

There was a crash at Hawke's Bay yesterday on Saturday the accident was at York Rd at 11am with a driver of a westbound vehicle dying at scene. The second car did not stop and it was a possibly dark green Honda. We understand that the driver of this car was literally following a silver car. Police would like to speak with anyone who may have witnessed the incident or have any information that could assist us.  Anyone with information on the accident can call Hastings Police on 06 831 0700 or they could ring 0800 555 111.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Milk delivery truck accident in Wairau Valley

Their was A bizarre accident on Saturday and it looks like their will not be any milk in North Shore for now cause A accident that happen. There was A lot of milk leaking from the side of the milk truck. After the accident on the milk trucks front screen it was all covered in smelly milk. But the good thing was that no one suffers in injures .

Friday, 31 March 2017

Robbie Rakete

Yesterday after morning tea we got to meet Robbie Rakete. Robbie Rakete was telling us about his son which is a year 8. Robbie Rakete told his son to clean his room but he did not so he asked his dad can he go out with his friends but Robbie Rakete  said you have to clean you room first and he did not so his dad had to clean his room for him and he found one of his Duffy books. Robbie Rakete said that his favourite book was Astesix and the golden sickle. Robbie

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

One killed in Waikato truck, car collision

There was a crash at Waikato at 3:40am on Tuesday. Police are investigating the cause of the crash the diver of this car had sadly past away in Waikato the driver has pasted away at the scene. The truck driver suffered with injures. The police said that they have to close the road cause of the big crash that happened.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bus crash closes Southland highway

Their was a really big crash in the South land highway at 2:55 pm on Tuesday. The cause of the crash was the car hit the bus and there were a few injuries and their was a bus near by picked up the injured people. Police have confirmed there were no survivors from a car. Police haven't been able to confirm how many people were in the rental car. 
Image result for No survivors' from car in fiery Southland crash

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


At Tech we are doing woodwork. Mr Grundy made a video to show us how to make things with wood. I going to make a money box and there could be a joint . How to make a joint so you need two timber one big one small so you need to cut a size so the other timber can fit in the other timber and that's how you make a joint and one more thing always start with a joint when you try to make something out of timber.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Missing Wellington woman, 76, found safe

Image result for missing Wellington woman, 76, found safeMissing Wellington woman Kebai Liu has been found safe and well. The 76 years old woman was found overnight, police said on Friday morning at 8:30 am she was located by the police, following calls from the public and has been arrived to her family safely. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Fires continue to rage through Christchurch's Port Hills

Image result for Christchurch Port Hills blaze in photosTwo large fires are blazing away on the Port Hills near Christchurch.
The fires are near Early Valley Road and Dyers Pass Rd.
The two fire fighters have forced the evacuation of nearby residents. At least one house on Christchurch’s Port Hills has been damaged and destroyed.
A dozen helicopters have been involved in the battle against the fires. Sadly, a pilot has died after a helicopter battling fires crashed this afternoon.