Thursday, 1 June 2017

What I Made At Tech

At Mr Grundy's wood work Room we made things that involved using wood. I made  a money box. Before we made our things Mr Grundy talked to us about his rules, one of his rules was to stay put. Before I made my money box with wood firstly we had to design what is it going to look like and what is it use for. First Mr Grundy give's me a long piece of wood that we have to mark the measurements for the joint. After we mark the joint I had to go and get a saw.  We had to cut halfway on each line. Then I had to go and get a chisel to cut up hill so we can make a joint. After I did all those steps I didn't know what to do. We had to put your name up on the board if you needed help from Mr Grundy. He'll call your name out so I waited  for my name to be called out. After that he called my name and said, "Write down what your money box is all about". I finally finished it off. 

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