Wednesday, 14 June 2017


On Tuesday afternoon we did some skipping on the court first we had to do a warm up. Our warm up was front wards normal skipping up to 10 and backwards skipping side to side 10 times. The thing I needed to practice was backwards skipping side to side 10 times. Then we had to go into a groups then figure out what we will be doing on our display, in my group was Katrina, Mary, Izabella and Pupuke. What we wanted to do was double skipping really fast but we could not do that because Katrina could not do that but that was alright. So we decided what to do we all wanted to do criss cross and it worked next we were called back by our teacher. Mr Reid wanted us to do a competition who can skip the longest. Then when we stop he will tell us how long we skip when I stop my time was 1 minute and 50 seconds and I was happy for myself. 

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