Wednesday, 21 June 2017

What I Made At Tech

At Tamaki Collage for tech we made some delicious chocolate chip muffins. My partner was Vika first we had to listen to Mrs Tuipolotu for the instructions. Vika did the wet ingredient and i did the dry ingredient for the wet ingredient Vika had to do 1 and a half of milk and 1 and a half of oil and also 1 and a half of sugar then she had to get 1 egg and crack it into a bowl. When i did the dry ingredient fist i needed 1 cup of baking powder and 1 and a half of coco then we had to tip it into a another bowl then we had to get the whisk out of the drawer and whisk the baking powder and the coco. We had to mix till the baking powder and the coco has been nice and smooth and after that we had to tip the wet ingredient into the dry ingredient and carry on mixing with the whisk. Then we had to get the muffin tray out and get a spoon and scoop some of the dry and wet ingredient into our muffin tray but first we had to put a muffin cup into the muffin tray and then we put the wet and dry ingredient in the muffin tray then we put it into the oven for about 20 or 30 minuets. While Vika and i was waiting we had to clean our dishes and our table Vika cleaned the dishes and i cleaned the table when i finished cleaning the table i went to Vika and dried the dishes when she finished. When me and Vika finish cleaning we went over to our friends and had a conversation while waiting for our chocolate chip muffins. When our muffins were ready we got them out of the oven and did not look good but we still ate them and they were still delicious me and Vika was happy at our self.

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