Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Room 9 syndicate assembly

On Monday afternoon we set off to the multipurpose room for room 9's syndicate assembly which we started  with a song called The Best Day Of My Life by American Authors. The song was about life in general. 
After we sang that lovely song we had two contestants from each. room for the cup stacking competition From room 9 was Kate and Madison and from 10 was Malia and Liza I really wasn't that interested but I probably would have been if I have been a contestant. When the competition was concluded I hoped there would be another competition.
 Finally we gave the teachers some time to present their award for the most diligent student in their class. For room 9 it was Jacob and Musika and from room 10 was Peni and Stristin and luckily last was room 12 and it was Pupuke and Vaimoana.
 I have been coming to syndicate assembly for 3 years and I think it is worth while and it is a good idea to continue with these assemblies in the future.

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