Friday, 18 August 2017

Making Banana Muffins

At Tamaki Collage we made some banana muffins with Mrs Tuipulotu. First we had to get into two groups and then put on our apron. What we had to do first was get out our bowl then put in 1 cup of flower and 1 and a half cup of milk. Then when we get back to our table we had to pour in our ingredient into the bowl then get 2 banana's and cut it up and throw it into the bowl. We mixed and mixed until our ingredient has soften up, if it did not go soft we had to go to Mrs Tuipolotu to get some sugar. After we had mixed our ingredient we had to get out our muffin trays. Mrs Tuipulotu handed out some muffin cups around the class.We placed the muffin cups nicely into the trays. It was finally time to pour our mixture in to the muffin cups. We then poWhile waiting for the muffins to cook we had to make sure that our table was clean and that our dishes were clean. When our muffins were cooked we got them out of the oven and me and  Solomone tasted it was yummy. 

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