Wednesday, 6 June 2018

We Are Now Doing Cooking!!☺

Today we went to tech. The thing we made was Pasta with Mince. 

The first step we had to do was cut the onions then with the chopped onions we had to put it into the frying pan. After that we had to wait for Mrs Tuipolotu to put some cooking oil in the pan for our onions. After our onions went soft we had to add in the mince and mix it around until it was cooked. When the mince was cooked we then added  the cheese and mixed again until it was melted and soft. While waiting for it to cook we had to get our pot and put our pasta in with boiling water. After we did that I had to watch the mince and cheese to see if it was cooked. When it was cooked we had to go get some salt and pepper and put it in our cooking and then the last step to our mince and cheese was to add half of a can of tomato sauce. Then we had to keep on mixing until it was soft. Next we had to  put the mince and cheese a side and then focus on the pasta. After the pasta was soft we  had to add it in together with the mince and cheese and then we had to taste and write our results on our blog.☺

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